Faith-based Marist Catholic Education


The Marist mission is one of education. It lays a strong foundation for scientific exploration driven by faith and community service, an invaluable benefit of scientific study at Saint Joseph Academy.

Scientific study is much more than experiments performed in a lab or lectures in a classroom. Communities realize the importance of science and benefit from its impact on our lives every day. The choices that every individual makes regarding science, health, and the environment impact everyone on both a local and global level. Therefore, it is imperative that advanced scientific education is taught to our students at its highest level of relevance. This ties directly in the values that are instilled at Saint Joseph Academy.

The focus of advanced scientific study should instruct students in stewardship of the environment, a holistic approach to complex biological processes, and understanding physics concepts and principles and other general sciences. By understanding complex scientific processes, our students will be better prepared for college and future studies in areas of individual interests in medicine, engineering, technology and advanced research.

Saint Joseph Academy also cultivates the spirit of community which will inspire them to be mindful leaders who will understand that the decisions and contributions that they make each day impact the future quality of many lives. Whether it is looking for alternative fuel sources, space exploration, or developing new medical therapies, scientific advancement is the key to unlocking the strategies that will make a better future for us all.

The Science Quad perfectly expresses the living and thriving ideals of Marist values in today's world.