Fiscally Responsible


Every effort is being made to construct a state-of-the-art Science Quad at the most efficient price possible. Brownsville native Javier Huerta, a Saint Joseph Academy alumnus, is a renowned architect who is responsible for the design of this beautiful new building. He is working at a reduced rate to facilitate the needs of his alma mater. Mr. Huerta also chairs the Academy's School Board's Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Tomorrow's classrooms will look and feel quite different from those with which we are familiar today. Future classrooms will encourage both collaboration and individual intellectual inquiry. Using computer technology and mobile devices, students can augment classroom lectures, collaborate with other students, or work individually, while the teacher monitors each student's progress, instructs and offers guidance. The science teacher's interaction with the student will be more individualized; giving the teachers more feedback and better opportunities to evaluate each student's needs and support individual advancement.

Saint Joseph Academy does not intend to increase the overall footprint of our present structure. Our plan is to completely replace four current classrooms and labs, and an outdated restroom and a walkway (4,961 sq. ft.) with three new, larger multi-disciplinary science classrooms and laboratories and storage comprising the Science Quad (4,818 sq. ft.)

The Science Quad will be housed in a new, more efficient structure, which will be a "green" building reflecting the best of science in terms of energy utilization, water collection and recyclable components. This project will allow for state-of-the-art technology to support advanced science curricula with larger, multi-functional lab tables, computer technology, appropriate equipment, and the storage space needed to safely store biological, chemical and physics materials and supplies.

Proposed Project Budget

Description Amount
Demolition/Abatement $74,375
Building 4,474 sq.ft.
Walkway 487 sq.ft.
New Construction
Classrooms/Labs 4,540 sq.ft.
Storage 278 sq.ft.
Total 4,818 sq.ft. @$150/sq.ft. $722,700
FFE $180,000
(3 science labs)
Soft Costs (12%) $117,924
Contingency (7.5%) $80,000
Total Project Cost $1,174,999