Local Competitive Edge


Today, Saint Joseph Academy finds itself in a very competitive scientific environment. The Idea Academy, UTB's Early College High School and South Texas ISD have all embraced advanced scientific education. The Science Quad at Saint Joseph Academy will bring us to the forefront of the sciences in this area, and beyond.

The purpose of this project is to replace the Upper Division biology laboratory and adjoining classroom, along with one general science classroom (currently with no lab), and a physics classroom and lab, with a new state-of-the art science complex.

The current labs and adjoining classrooms are located in two of our original buildings, which were constructed in 1958. The biology class and lab were, in fact, originally designed as a chemistry classroom and lab; and are extremely outdated and not suitable for optimal instruction in today's ever-advancing field of technology and scientific inquiry and studies. Unfortunately, the 54-year old classrooms and laboratories do not support the use of advanced technology, modern scientific methods, or equipment; therefore, limiting the educational potential of our science curriculum and meaningful laboratory investigation.

The biology lab tables, sinks and pipes, which are fixed and attached to the floors, were originally installed to perform chemistry experiments and are not at the correct height, width or location for biological experimentation. Also, many of the fittings are no longer operable or repairable as this equipment is obsolete and parts are very difficult or impossible to find.

In addition, these classrooms, and the physics and biology labs, are the only designated spaces in which our Upper Division students (9-12) gain instruction and hands-on educational experiences in all aspects of the advanced sciences. It has been determined that we can no longer deliver an optimal advanced science curricula and provide challenging learning experiences in the current space.

Last year, The World Economic Forum ranked the United States number 48 in quality of math and science education. The Science Quad is a necessity for the further success of our students in the highly competitive, and very important field of science.